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Outrage over woman's $17 lunch at food court: 'You got ripped'

A woman has complained about paying an outrageous amount for a small meal and drink at an Australian food court.

She posted a photo on Reddit of the lunch she begrudgingly bought — a small orange and passionfruit Mildura juice, paired with a small container of lamb stir-fry with rice noodles and vegetables.

"This cost $17.00 at a food court," she said in the caption, brandishing the buy as "so expensive".

One photo of a small Mildura orange and passionfruit juice, and a small container of Mongolian lamb with vegetables and rice noodles. Then a second photo of a busy food court.
A woman has shared her outrage after paying $17 for a small meal. Source: Reddit/llizardqueen

The post — which was published on Tuesday — received almost 2000 comments, with many people objecting to the price of the meal.

"You got ripped," one person said.

"I feel that lunch items are far and away becoming ridiculously overpriced in comparison for a casual dinner feed," another added.

One Reddit user said they hoped the Mongolian lamb was "the best ever for that price," however the woman sadly responded that "half of" the meal was made up of rice noodles.

Another person identified the meal as coming from the University of South Australia campus in Magill, Adelaide.

Not everyone was as empathetic though, with one Reddit user calling the woman a "fool" for "accepting the price" and suggesting she could've just brought food from home.

"$17 would buy some good ingredients at the supermarket to make a lunch from," another said.

Inflation bites into meal prices

While some people suggested that inflation was to blame for the high price of the small meal, the woman said she should be able to treat herself and have a meal out, without having to pay exorbitant amounts.

"I work hard enough to allow myself the 'luxury' of a food court meal every once in a while. It just shouldn't be so expensive," she replied.

"I have food at home and that was the plan. But I now had to kill 2 hours. So I chose to go to the food court instead of driving 45 mins home and back, both ways.

"Regret it for the price it was. Should've just starved until I got home after 3:30pm."

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