Our hidden holiday gems

The Recherche Archipelago

West Australians enjoy holidaying in Western Australia.

And when they do, according to the latest tourism statistics, they generally stay for an average 3.9 nights and spend $124 a day.

They generally like to stay around Perth - anywhere from Lancelin to Mandurah - but are also keen to head south to popular destinations such as Busselton, Albany and Margaret River.

Intrastate tourism is a $3 billion industry for WA.

More intrastate tourism meant more jobs for West Australians, the Tourism Council said.

"Tourism growth will drive job creation over the next few years as the resource sector tapers off," chief executive Evan Hall said.

Recent research by the Tourism & Transport Forum revealed that four out of five Australians had their summer holidays in Australia.

"As a nation, we are really embracing the opportunities we have in our own backyard, which is great news for tourism operators," forum chief executive Margy Osmond said.

The research also showed West Australians spent an average $1363 on their summer holiday.

Given the size of WA, it should come as no surprise that the State is full of tourism "hidden gems" - little-known attractions that are certainly worth a visit.

_The West Australian _, in conjunction with Tourism WA, has compiled a list of 10 of these gems, ranging from Bickley Carmel Valley Wine Trail in the Perth Hills to Lake Argyle, near Kununurra, in the far north.

The Bickley Carmel Valley Wine Trail features seven wineries, including some fine examples of sparkling wines made in the French tradition.

But one of the most popular trails is the picturesque Core Cider House, situated in Pickering Brook.

Though the house has been operating for only 3½ years, the 40ha orchard has been producing apples, pears and a host of other fruit for 75 years.

Marking co-ordinator Emily Lyons said the house opened for lunch from Thursday to Sunday and had fresh local produce on the menu.

She said five alcoholic ciders were available on tap.

Premium ciders, including the award-winning bubbly Core-Rupt-Ed, a blend of five different apples, were sold in bottles.

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