'I'm so confused': Optical illusion photo sends internet into a spin

Every now and then an image will emerge online that completely polarises the internet.

Think back to 2015 when a seemingly innocuous dress photographed in bright light sent the web into meltdown over its true colour.

And in 2019, a photo of a woman’s legs that appeared to be covered in oil were not quite what people had thought.

Now it appears 2021 may have found its first such image.

The image blowing minds on Facebook this week. Source: Facebook
The image blowing minds on Facebook this week. Source: Facebook

A photo shared on Facebook to multiple groups on Wednesday was quickly inundated with thousands of comments with users debating what they saw at first glance.

With a wintery forest backdrop, many pointed out they saw a small figure heading into the woods. Some suggested they were wearing a backpack.

However on closer inspection it’s quite clearly a black poodle running towards the camera.

Users were split over what they saw first, with many confusing the dog’s tail as the back of the person’s head.

“Whoa I totally saw a man running away and then it morphed into a dog running towards me,” one person wrote.

“Same! It was so disorientating!” someone responded.

Definitely thought it was a small human in all black running away from the camera until I realised their backpack was a giant poodle head,” one user explained.

“My brain tripped out there for a second,” another said.

Hundreds of users say their opinion changed after analysing the photo, yet others could only see the poodle.

“All I see is a dog and I’m SO CONFUSED,” another said.

“Well that’s a mind bender,” one person added.

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