Bizarre video captures woman's eerie screams on packed plane

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Passengers eager to disembark a flight have been oddly stalled by a woman who instead of leaving the aircraft, remained in her seat and screamed.

The bizarre event unfolded on a plane belonging to US airline Southwest Airlines just after it arrived at its destination and passengers were leaving the plane row-by-row.

A woman occupying an aisle seat appeared to refuse to move, blocking a woman from leaving her nearby window seat.

Woman seated on Southwest Airline plane.
This woman screamed as passengers were trying to get off the plane. Source: Twitter/unknwns0ul

“M'am, I'm right here. Are you going to get off the aircraft, or are you going to sit there and scream?” a flight attendant asked the woman.

“I'm just asking, cause it's gonna be your turn, so you need to go.”

Strange exchange as woman tries to grab fellow passenger

Another passenger then said she needed to disembark so she could relieve herself.

“I’ve gotta pee, I’ve gotta get off of here!” the passenger was heard saying.

“M'am, I'm trying to,” she said as she pushed passed the seated woman, who release an eerily high-pitched scream and reached out to grab the woman passing her.

The passenger managed to push past and reclaim the part of her jacket the screaming woman latched onto.

Southwest Airlines flight attendant glares at passenger.
This flight attendant ordered the woman to leave the plane after she screamed. Source: Twitter/unknwns0ul

A flight attendant confronted the inconsolable woman, saying: “M'am! M'am, I'm watching you, attack her!”.

“You get out of here,” the seated woman said.

The flight attendant fired straight back, telling the woman “excuse me, I work here m'am!”.

“Get off the aircraft, please,” she firmly ordered.

The passenger finally stood up, appearing to comply with the employee’s request.

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