OPINION - Asteroid ‘bigger than London Eye’ heading towards Earth: Tech & Science Daily podcast

Asteroid bigger than London Eye heading towards Earth  (Pixabay/Pexels)
Asteroid bigger than London Eye heading towards Earth (Pixabay/Pexels)

A roughly 160-metre-wide asteroid is travelling towards Earth, but will pass by us.

It is classified by astronomers as ‘potentially hazardous’ because it will come within 7.5 million kilometres of our planet.

The asteroid will be travelling at a speed of 11.8 kilometres per second, which is roughly 34 times the speed of sound.

Scientists have identified what’s thought to be the oldest evidence hinting at cannibalism in a close relative species of humans.

The study published in the journal Scientific Reports, assessed nine cut marks on a 1.45 million-year-old left shin bone from a relative of modern humans which was found in northern Kenya.

Nasa has revealed that 98% of the water used by their crew on the International Space Station is from recycled sweat and urine.

It’s treated through various methods, including distillation, dehumidification, and filtration.

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