'I hit rock bottom': Hackett lifts lid on public meltdown

Fallen Olympic star Grant Hackett has lifted the lid on his controversial personal life.

Since the conclusion of his successful swimming career, Hackett has been involved in a string of controversies that tarnished his once glowing reputation.

Earlier this year, the Australian champion was arrested at his parents’ home after his behaviour became dangerous and erratic.

The family feud worsened when Hackett posted a bloodied and bruised selfie, claiming his older brother Craig had previously “beat the s''''''” out of him.

Grant Hackett leaving a Gold Coast police station earlier this year. Picture: 7 News
Grant Hackett was left with a black eye after an altercation with his older brother. Source: 7 News

In a candid interview with KIIS 1065’s Kyle and Jackie O, Hackett said he had “hit rock bottom” following the arrest and fight.

“I didn’t get any punches in there as you could see from the results,” Hackett said.

“I think it shocked him… I wasn’t in a good space for a couple of months and he came over to my house and I was refusing that help, I didn’t want him to come in and when I get in that state of mind I get quite reclusive.

“He wanted to come in, I didn’t want him to come in … I was trying to push him out and we got into a push-and-shove and he whacked me with his weak arm, so I’d hate to see him with his strong arm.

In the days after his release, Hackett disappeared, sparking fears for his immediate safety before he was eventually located on the Gold Coast.

“It was quite terrifying," he said.

“Once I was released with that I didn’t know where I was at with my family, and I just went to a hotel for four or five days.”

After failing to revive his swimming career at the Olympic trials in Adelaide in 2015, an admittedly drunk Hackett was accused of giving another passenger a “nipple cripple” on a flight to Melbourne.

“I finished Olympic trials where I didn’t have the success I wanted, I was in a dark place, I drank before that flight, there was one gentleman sitting in front of me, I was drunk for sure,” Hackett added.

The gold medalist said he was now committed to recovering and staying sober.