'Oh dear God!': Family driving along Perth freeway watch car spin out of control right before their eyes

A family travelling along a Perth freeway got the fright of their lives when a car spun out of control right in front of them.

The group was driving along the Kwinana Freeway when they noticed a Subaru driver towing a load, wobbling in front of them.

One of the women in the car can be heard laughing nervously as the car in front brakes and spins out of control, right before her eyes.

The Subaru spins out of control right in front of the family. Photo: LiveLeak

She then can be heard telling the driver to get out of the way in a panic.

Another woman in the car then screamed out ‘Oh dear God!’ after realising what had happened.

The driver, who uploaded the video to LiveLeak, said they had to accelerate into the shoulder of the road, to avoid the spinning car.