Kiwi climber has her leg amputated after horrific 24m fall on US holiday

A 21-year-old New Zealand woman has had her leg amputated after a horrific 24-metre fall while rock climbing in Yosemite National Park in California.

Anna Parsons was holidaying in the US before starting a university scholarship in Canada, but the tragic accident caused her to break "nearly every bone in her body" including her neck, spine, pelvis, ribs, and feet.

The marine biology student is now recovering in a Californian hospital and is lucky to be alive. But she's looking at a significant $1 million medical bill, her sister Jessica Ennor revealed.

Snake Dike route at Yosmite National Park(left) Anna Parsons in hospital bed with broken legs after climb(right)
Anna Parsons was climbing the Snake Dike route at Yosmite National Park in California when she fell 24 metres Source: Adventure Protocol/Give a Little

The accident happened on August 1, just two days after Ms Parsons and her partner Jack Evans arrived in the US, according to Nine News.

The pair were reportedly on the Snake Dike route, a well-known and popular passage for rock climbers visiting the park.

Ms Ennor said her sister was "on a runout slab" when she slipped and fell, sustaining substantial life-threatening injuries.

"Anna's head is completely fine and she remained conscious throughout. This is nothing short of a miracle," she wrote on a fundraiser page set up for her sister.

Ms Parsons also suffered internal injuries including a punctured lung, Newshub reported, and "her left foot is beyond repair, and so has been amputated."

Ms Parsons' brother Ben Parsons told Nine News she hit multiple ledges as she fell causing bones in her leg to be "sticking out".

Anna Parsons outdoors with hiking backpack (left) Anna Parsons in wheelchair with neck brace (right)
The 21-year-old loves being outdoors but the accident caused her leg to be amputated. Source: Facebook/Give a Little

Her fibula bone — the lower part of the leg — "was sort of crushed into little pieces" he said. While the talus bone in her ankle "fell out" and "was apparently missing somewhere on the mountain".

The injured climber was allegedly left hanging by a rope until help arrived, which her partner arranged after calling for help.

Although losing her leg as a climber is a tough burden to bare, it was a "no brainer," her brother said.

"There's a good chance she'll be able to climb and surf, and hike again," he said.

'Long road to recovery'

Last week, on August 13, Ms Ennor revealed her sister had "finally finished all her surgeries but is in lots of pain"

"Today, however, she was hoisted out of bed and into a wheelchair wearing a neck brace and back brace, and had some time out of her bed! Small steps," she wrote online.

Thankfully, the 21-year-old doesn't have any permanent spinal damage. Although she did have some tingling sensations throughout her body which has since subsided."

The family say Ms Parsons has a "long, hard road" to recovery. Any money raised will go towards prosthesis, treatment and rehabilitation.

"Her travel insurance only covers a part of the costs of her surgeries and hospital care so we need to fundraise for the rest," her sister said.

"It will be a long journey to recovery but if anyone can do it, Anna can. She is a strong, determined 21yr old with lots of willpower to move forward."

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