Young truck driver has both legs amputated after horrific crash

Michelle Pillar had just started her career as a truck driver, transporting livestock across the country just like her dad.

But while travelling along Carlisle Rd on Victoria's south coast in early January, the 25-year-old had a tragic accident and has since lost both her legs.

"It wasn't until yesterday that she was informed it was all true and she did not have any legs," her brother-in-law Ignatius Corboy told 2GB's Ben Fordham.

"You can imagine the impact that has had on her."

Michelle Pillar, a 25-year-old truckie from Victoria, before she lost both of her legs.
Michelle Pillar was driving a livestock carrier along Carlisle Rd in Victoria when the truck rolled and became stuck between a tree and a bridge. Source: Facebook

The life-changing incident occurred when the animal trailer she was towing rolled and became trapped between a tree and a bridge. She was stuck in the cabin for 11 hours until emergency services arrived.

Tragically, the only way to save her was to amputate her right leg, but due to complications in the hospital, her left limb was removed as well.

'Her life has changed forever'

Mr Corboy described his sister-in-law as a "bright-eyed, hardworking young girl" whose "can-do attitude" allowed her to excel at her job.

Ms Pillar's "life has changed forever" and she will "never drive again," something that's hard for her to comprehend.

The young woman is no stranger to tragedy, losing her mum as a young child just a few days before Christmas, Mr Corboy revealed.

Since then, she and her brother have "bound together and really looked after each other."

The family have been trying to communicate with Ms Pillar via FaceTime, as they haven't been able to visit because of Covid-19 restrictions.

Since being in the hospital, doctors have uncovered a spinal cord infection and multiple broken bones. Ms Pillar has undergone countless surgeries.

The young woman has been on life support but was brought out of her induced coma this week, ABC reports.

And due to being heavily sedated, she "doesn't really know where she is or what's going on", Mr Corboy said.

Outpouring of support

Mr Corboy has since created a fundraiser for the "beautiful girl" to help raise money to fund her road to recovery.

"My personal aim is to get Michelle back on her feet, so she can dance again, run again, and be the remarkable independent woman she is again," the GoFundMe reads.

The money will contribute to rehab, treatment, mental health care, and eventually, a new set of legs.

Farmers have reportedly been selling their cows and donating the money to Ms Pillar's cause.

A donation tin has also been placed at the Mortlake Roadhouse, and collectively more than $100,000 has been raised, according to ABC News.

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