'Are you kidding me?': Woman's epic blow-up over parking space at Westfield

A woman has been filmed going on a foul-mouthed rant over a parking space at a shopping centre.

Marc Hodgson said he was parking his car at Westfield in the Newcastle suburb of Kotara, in the NSW Hunter region, on Saturday about 3.20pm when he was confronted by the woman.

He uploaded video of her outburst to Facebook.

As the driver pulls up into the space, yelling can be heard from a person off-camera.

A woman runs over and slams her hands on his bonnet, screaming at him.

She points, signalling she was after the park. Her car is pulled over several spaces up with the indicator on.

The woman yells pointing out she intends on parking in the space at the NSW shopping centre. Source: Facebook/ Marc Hodgson

“Are you f***ing kidding me?” the man is heard saying.

“You’re on dashcam.”

The woman continues to yell.

Mr Hodgson drives off as she stays standing in the space, staring at him with her arms folded.

His video has more than 14,000 views at the time of publication with people shocked by the woman’s rage.

The woman stands in a parking space with her arms folded. A man planned on taking the park at Westfield Kotara before she ran over and began yelling at him. Source: Facebook/Marc Hodgson

“Actually gobsmacked someone would do that,” one woman wrote.

Another woman called her a “lunatic”.

Others added it was hard for Mr Hodgson to tell she wanted the parking space.

“She is so far away from the car spot,” one woman wrote.

“How could anyone know she was planning to reverse into that?”

But one woman had more sympathy and suggested she was simply having a rough day.

“Although it seems funny I also think it’s sad,” she wrote.

“She’s clearly going through a s*** time. Sometimes it’s that last thing that makes you break. I’ve definitely been there.”

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