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Nintendo's Mario-red special edition Switch comes out next month

The new colorway will only be available for the OLED model.


Nintendo has just announced the latest Switch special edition, one that’s steeped in nostalgia. The new colorway has been dubbed the Mario Red Edition and pays tribute to one of Nintendo's most popular video game characters. The system will feature a console, dock and Joy-Con controllers all in Mario’s iconic red. On the back of the dock, there's a tiny silhouette of Mario as he leaps into action. There's also a touch of gold thanks to a set of coins hidden inside.

The new design will only be available on the OLED model, which was expected. The OLED version of the Switch is the company's flagship model, and we've already seen similar special editions recently. Nintendo has been known to release custom consoles as tie-ins with upcoming games – and with the official release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder set for October, it's not surprising to see the company creating a little buzz with this Mario-themed colorway.

Additionally, we saw the release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie back in April. So, it's been a pretty big year for Mario and the gang. The Mario Red Edition will be available for purchase from the official Nintendo store and Best Buy. It's currently available for pre-order and will cost $350, the same as the standard OLED model. Shipping is expected to start in October.