Single mum able to buy first home after $1.3 million Saturday Lotto win

The woman was one of four division one Lotto winning entries in the draw.

A single mum from Sydney is excitedly making big plans to buy her first home for her and her daughter after scoring an incredible $1.3 million in Saturday’s Lotto draw.

The woman from Bondi, who was one of four division one winning entries, told an official from The Lott on Monday she can’t wait to spoil her little girl with her windfall.

Hand holding winning Saturday Lotto ticket and keys in front of a home.
The single mum from Bondi won an incredible $1.3 million in Saturday’s Lotto draw. Source: The Lott

The newly-minted millionaire said she discovered her huge win while checking her lottery ticket late at night.

“It was quarter to 10 on Saturday night and I decided to check my ticket. My daughter was sitting next to me, and my face immediately changed,” she said. “The confetti came up on The Lott app and I yelled, ‘Oh my god! Is this real?’”

Lotto winner plans to buy first home

The mum said she was left tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep and “went to work the next day like nothing happened”.

“This will really help me as a single mum – it’s so amazing,” she continued. “My daughter and I can go on an overseas holiday for Christmas and then I’ll be able to buy a home. I’ll keep the rest in the bank and put it towards my daughter’s education.”

The woman bought her 24-game QuickPick ticket at Bondi Junction Newsagency and Internet Cafe in Bondi Junction.

Shop owner Manish Sharma said he was “very excited” to learn about the local’s win and will be sharing with all of his customers that they sold a division one winning entry. The winning numbers in Saturday Lotto draw 4411 were 30, 13, 12, 14, 18 and 35, while the supplementary numbers were 43 and 2.

Woman holding winning Saturday Gold Lotto ticket in front of family.
A Queensland woman who 'rarely buys a ticket' won $1.3 million in Saturday's Lotto draw. Source: The Lott

Queensland Lotto winner 'rarely buys tickets'

A Queensland woman also scored $1.3 million in the Saturday Gold Lotto draw 4411, revealed to Lotto officials she “rarely ever buys a ticket”.

“Maybe five times a year do I decide to take a chance,” she said. “I only bought this entry because I was rushing around to buy a family member a birthday card and thought ‘why not?’. We called my kids last night to tell them and they still think I’m lying.”

The retired woman said she plans on helping her family with the money.

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