'SHAME': Locals fume over trolley scene behind Woolworths store

Shocking images showing a creek behind a Woolworths store littered with shopping trolleys have angered locals who say it's been an issue for 20 years.

In photos posted to a local Facebook group, the creek behind a store in Atherton, Queensland is filled with shopping trolleys, prompting a community response to the ugly matter.

"Four adults and two kids hauled 15 trolleys up the embankment from the creek and picked up bags of litter from around the creekbed," local resident Tamlin Winlaw told Yahoo News Australia, adding there were more trolleys that were stuck and couldn't be removed.

The trollies were in the creek behind the Woolworths store in Atherton, Queensland.
The creek behind the Woolworths store in Atherton, Queensland was littered with shopping trollies. Source: Facebook

Ms Winlaw said trolleys in the creek have been a problem in the area for at least 20 years.

"One had a 90's style baby carrier attached to it, It has been a problem for a long time," she said.

"We pulled 15 trolleys out but two were too deeply submerged for our two over-60s team members to pull out so I made the call as site supervisor to leave them.

The crew also pulled out "shelving from Woolworths and pallets that had been dumped over the fence."

The volunteers pulled the Woolworths trollies out of the creek.
The volunteers, Eadie, Henry, Tracy, Alan, Chris and Tamlin call themselves team Underhill. Source: Facebook

Woolies 'disappointed' in shopping trolleys in creek

Locals praised the volunteers for cleaning up the area, calling on the supermarket to make sure it doesn't happen again.

"Good work. The creek and wildlife will, thank you," one user wrote.

"OMG! DISGRACEFUL! Haven't seen this many trolleys in drains, etc in Cairns," another exclaimed.

Many users commented on the post questioning what could be done to prevent trollies from being dumped in the creek again in the future.

"We have spoken to Woolworths about erecting a barrier next to the bridge to stop people pushing the trolleys down," Ms Winlaw said. "At the moment there is a ramp basically straight to the creek."

The creek was cleaned by volunteers who said some of the trolleys have been there for 20 years. Source: Tamlin Winlaw
The creek was cleaned by volunteers who said some of the trolleys have been there for 20 years. Source: Tamlin Winlaw

A Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia there are trolley collection contractors who respond to alerts of abandoned trolleys and were disappointed to see how many had been dumped in the creek.

"Trolleys are provided for the convenience of our customers and the vast majority do the right thing in returning them," they said.

"We work with dedicated trolley collection contractors who respond to reports of abandoned trolleys and are engaged to conduct regular sweeps in the area surrounding our Atherton store to return trolleys to the store.

"We are very disappointed to see this, and will be following up with our collection partners and team as a matter of priority to ensure the area is being checked for abandoned trolleys more frequently."

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