Obscure Aussie road sign prompts driver confusion

Australia's road signs are becoming known for their often complex mixed-messaging, but this one is different.

Australia is becoming known for its confusing road signs, with several rules often grouped together in one complex bundle.

While many over the years have complained about often complicated instructions, sometimes all it takes is a single, seemingly simple sign to mystify drivers.

NSW driver left in state of confusion

Such was the case in western NSW on the weekend, with one Reddit user posting about a caravan symbol above an arrow pointing down and another pointing to the left.

A road sign in Bathurst showing a caravan image with an arrow pointing down. Source: Reddit.
Once you know, it seems simple. But many were confused over this road sign. Source: Reddit.

The social media user was left stumped by the instructions, which were seen in the streets of Bathurst, in the state's Central Tablelands.

"No other information near the sign, and no caravan park or other discernible amenity for campervans was down the street that I could see," they wrote.

Nailed to a suburban street pole with cars passing by, the sign appears to be one of the only seen on the street.

Truth quickly revealed

The driver's initial confusion was quickly absolved after Reddit users explained what the mysterious sign really means.

"(This is a) dump point, for pumping out the sh*t," an expert on caravan knowledge pointed out. "Sh*t pit that way," another echoed.

"These are good things, I have pulled up at too many wayside stops/picnic areas to find that some dirty p***k has dumped their sh*t under the picnic table or somewhere equally as disgusting," a third said.

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