Late mother's Saturday Lotto numbers helps son bag $700k

The wholesome lottery win came from 'special' numbers the man and his mother chose.

A pensioner has won more than $700,000 in Saturday Lotto after using the numbers of his late mother. The man revealed he continued using the "special" numbers he and his mother played with after her death, and said he wished she could be here to enjoy the division one prize.

“I always played lotteries with mum," the Albury man revealed. "Each of the numbers we picked had a special meaning behind them. Most were birthdays or anniversaries.

“Whenever I’d visit her, she’d always say she couldn’t wait to go halves in the winnings, and I’d always go ‘But mum you don’t pay half!’ I was just joking of course."

A Saturday Lotto ticket next to a pile of Australian money.
The pensioner revealed her mother would have been over the moon with the win. Source: The Lott/ Getty

The winner was unaware he was one of seven division one winning entries until contacted by The Lott officials.

He now plans on buying himself his own property, looking to get a "little unit" for himself and his cat who got a big cuddle once off the phone to officials.

“I’m really lost for words. The only thing I’ve ever won is a meat tray. I’m a pensioner so this is going to help more than you know," he said.

The winning numbers in Saturday's Lotto draw 4435 on 20 January 2024 were 35, 37, 11, 22, 27 and 33, while the supplementary numbers were 8 and 1.

Australians await mega $150m Powerball draw

The wholesome win comes as Australia gears up for the country's second biggest lottery jackpot ever. The Powerball once again rolled over last Thursday, jumping from $100m to $150m.

If the division one prize is claimed by just one person, it would be the biggest amount ever won by an individual in Australia. The previous highest win was when a Sydney nurse who took home more than $107 million in 2019.

The highest division one prize ever offered was in Octobe,r 2022 when $160 million was for grabs. That jackpot was divided between three lucky winners.

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