Aussie man's horrific injuries after brutal Bali attack 'out of nowhere'

The Perth man was left lifeless on the ground and bleeding from the head.

A night out in Bali almost turned deadly for an Australian man who was left bloodied and bruised after being brutally bashed outside a Kuta nightclub.

Matthew Stevenson, 27, had been dancing with a woman inside Sky Garden nightclub on Friday before he was reportedly set upon by her brother and his mates who allegedly beat and robbed him.

The Perth man said about six men "came out of nowhere" before bashing him, leaving him lying on the ground in a pile of his own blood. The back of Matthew's head was split open and he required 10 stitches. He's also nursing a shattered cheek and a bruised and swollen face.

Matthew Stevenson facial injuries after being bashed in Bali.
The attack left Matthew Stevenson with ten stitches in his head and a shattered cheek. Source: 9News

Shocking video shows brutal attack

The shocking attack was caught on video and shows an unknown man with his arms hooked tightly around Matthew's neck as he cops multiple blows to the face. Matthew said it happened as he was leaving the club and started with the man pushing him. "After seeing the footage, I realised how close I could have come [to dying]," he told 9News.

Detailing what happened, he said, "the guy put me in a headlock and he choked me out and dropped me to fall and I hit my head and there was a pool of blood next to me". The 27-year-old said he was trying to defend himself but "even in the video you can see I look kind of lifeless".

Matthew was rushed to hospital with multiple lacerations and was given painkillers for the pain. However, the Perth man fears there could be more going on. "I'm still bleeding a bit out of my head and I think I might have a broken cheek or eye socket, because there's some blood in the corner of both of my eyes," he said from Bali.

Video footage showing man being bashed outside Bali nightclub.
Matthew was put in a headlock and beaten by a group of six men. Source: 9news.

To make matters worse, the 27-year-old was due to fly home on Monday for his brother's wedding but can't after allegedly having his passport, phone and wallet stolen during the attack. One alleged attacker is now behind bars, according to PerthNow, while the accomplices, believed to be from New Zealand, remain on the run.

Matthew said "it could have been much worse" but says he's still in a lot of pain. "People die from that sort of attack. That's cowardly," he added.

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