New Zealand man gets 10 Covid vaccines on the same day

A New Zealand man was reportedly paid by anti-vaxxers to receive Covid-19 jabs on their behalf in an attempt to evade New Zealand's Covid rules.

The man went to several Covid-19 vaccination centres to receive 10 jobs on the same day, pretending to be a different person each time.

The Ministry of Health said they are "concerned" and "working with the appropriate agencies" to investigate the situation.

It is unknown where exactly the man received the vaccinations.

A person wearing blue gloves drawing a vaccine from a vial.
The man went to several different doctor's offices pretending to be other people to receive Covid vaccinations. Source: AP

'Selfish and dangerous'

Covid-19 vaccination and immunisation spokesperson Astrid Koornneef said faking someone else's identity to receive medical treatment is "dangerous."

“This puts at risk the person who receives a vaccination under an assumed identity and the person whose health record will show they have been vaccinated when they have not,” Ms Koornneef said, according to the New Zealand Herald.

The incident was slammed by vaccinologist and associate professor Helen Petousis-Harris, who said it was“unbelievably selfish” and taking advantage of somebody who needs some money.

“I think it is a very selfish act on the behalf of the buyer, and exploiting, perhaps, somebody who needed to get some money and is willing to take those risks, which is not very community minded," Professor Petousis-Harris said.

She added the man who received multiple doses is unlikely to have any serious side effects but may have felt unwell the next day from a general immune response.

"We know that people have in error been given the whole five doses in a vial instead of it being diluted, we know that has happened overseas, and we know other vaccines errors have occurred and there has been no long-term problems," she said.

New Zealand introduces traffic light system

According to the New Zealand health website, 89 per cent of the total eligible population are fully vaccinated against the virus. 94 per cent of people have received their first dose.

Like Australia, New Zealanders must show proof of vaccination to enter places like bars, gyms and restaurants.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the traffic light system in late November, which will dictate how restrictions will ease based on vaccination rates.

According to the Health website, the system "minimises the impact and provides protection from Covid-19 through three settings - Green, Orange and Red."

At red – the strictest level – businesses are fully open to the vaccinated, with gatherings allowed inside and outside with shopping and travel allowed.

People are legally required to provide their My Vaccine Pass (the New Zealand equivalent to the vaccine passport) to enter places that have vaccination requirements in place under the traffic lights.

This may include hospitality venues, events, gatherings and gyms.

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