Jacinda Ardern's cheeky response to on-air gift before wedding

New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has delivered a cheeky response upon receiving a hen's party gift live on breakfast television.

Host John Campbell explained every year TVNZ Breakfast gives Christmas gifts to both the prime minister and the opposition leader to mark their last appearance on the show for the year.

This summer, Ms Ardern is expected to wed her long-time partner, Clarke Gayford, so the team at TVNZ's Breakfast had a fitting gift for her.

"It's something for your hen party, should you have one," Campbell said.

Jacinda Ardern opens up a Christmas present on TVNZ Breakfast.
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern received a Christmas present from TVNZ Breakfast. Source: TVNZ

"This could be any manner of distasteful gifts," Ms Ardern quipped while pulling on the ribbon.

The breakfast show host's laughed and insisted they do "taste" on the program, while the prime minister begins to unwrap the present.

On top of the mound of gifts in the small box was a headband with the word 'bride' in cursive glitter and a white sash which seemingly said 'bride to be', along with a small bottle of champagne.

Jacinda Ardern holds up a headband which reads: 'Bride'.
Ms Ardern confirmed she would not be wearing the headband. Source: TVNZ

"Aw, thank you guys. I can promise you, this will never see the light of day," she said smiling, while holding up the head band.

Returning the favour, Ms Ardern had mugs made for the breakfast team, which were designed by the prime minister herself and included her "most-used emoji".

"Self portrait, 2021," the mug says, along with a shocked looking emoji-like face.

"Just in case it is not completely obvious, I did draw those myself," she said seriously before laughing.

Ardern admits awkward wedding guest problem

Earlier this month, Ms Ardern revealed some people would have to be cut from the wedding guest list due to the Covid-19 rules.

"It's that awkward situation, uninviting people is quite awkward," she told The Hits radio station, according to NewsHub.

"I haven't actually quite figured out what we're going to do."

She also revealed must of the duties in the lead up to her nuptials were being handled by her fiancé, Mr Gayford.

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