New Zealand city rocked by earthquake after floods

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Days after severe rainfall brought flooding to Canterbury, Christchurch has been rattled by a earthquake.

At just 3.9 magnitude, the quake was minor in strength.

However, the epicentre was just five kilometres south-west of the South Island's biggest city, at a depth of just seven kilometres below the surface.

A map showing the last 100 earthquakes in New Zealand.
Christchurch has been rattled by an earthquake. Source: GeoNet

"Boom! That was quite the shake in Christchurch, with a long rattling tail," Mike Yardley said on Twitter.

More than 10,000 people reported feeling the earthquake to monitoring agency GeoNet.

Christchurch residents also felt a shallow 4.2 jolt, which had an epicentre in the opposite direction of the city to the northeast, on Monday night.

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