New Year chaos: Thousands stranded after trains come to a standstill

New Year chaos: Thousands stranded after trains come a standstill

With 1.5million people traveling into Sydney’s city centre to watch the New Year fireworks you could at least hope the trains would be working.

But tens of thousands of revelers were left annoyed after Sydney’s busiest railway station temporarily closed when a fire alarm went off just as the crowds were trying to get home.

Displeased commuters took to social media to voice their annoyance as the crowds came to a halt in George Street when Wynyard and Marin Place train stations closed.

The fire alarm at Central Station could not have come at a worse time during the city’s busiest time of the year.

But the frustration soon died down as the train stations reopened and people could get on their way home.

Beau Giles compared the disaster to London's rail system saying: 'Feels like It’m in a London Underground documentary.

'Martin Place station closed. Trains broken,' Mr Giles posed.

'Literally people are stranded in the CBD/North Sydney', another added.

Transport NSW tweeted passengers to keep them up-to-date with announcements and advised for travellers to allow additional time after staff were evacuated from the Sydney Signalling Complex at Central earlier due to a fire alarm.

They said: 'Trains are running again but passengers should listen to announcements and check indicator boards at stations.'