New website finds the most profane, controversial Facebook statuses you've ever posted

Jason Gilbert, Yahoo! News

You might not "Like" what you're about to see.

A new website called Your Dirty Mouth scans through your Facebook history and finds the most profane, controversial Facebook statuses you ever dared to publish.

In our tests, the site appears to search for curse words, inappropriate content, and talk about the government, as it crawls through your Facebook history; when it displays those statuses, the site gives you the option to either delete the status (hiding it from potential future employers) or else re-sharing it, making it, um, easier for potential future employers to happen upon and judge you for.

The Dirtymouth app appears to search through your Facebook for curse words and inappropriate content. Photo: Dirtymouth.

The site, first spotted by AllFacebook, is not just good insurance for anyone in the job market, or applying to college, as employers and admissions departments are increasingly scrutinising the social media presence of applicants; it's also a pleasant trip down memory lane, and an intriguing capsule into the shifting ways in which you've used Facebook.

On my Facebook profile -- which I've been using since the middle of 2005 -- I found off-colour jokes, poorly-worded political commentary and out-of-context "jokes" that I probably wouldn't want my mother (much less a potential employer) to see.

As the creator of Dirtymouth -- a Redditor named MrDoOO -- wrote upon sharing his app with the R/Startup community, the app "shows you all the things you probably shouldn't have said on Facebook."

Indeed. Now if only we could get this thing working in real-time!

You can view your own history of Facebook faux pas by logging into Your Dirty Mouth with your Facebook account right here.

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