New 'selfie-friendly' way to see the dangers of too much UV exposure

Many people believe they're more likely to get sunburn from hot weather and humidity than high UV levels.

But the Cancer Council's latest campaign makes the invisible danger very real.

From Tuesday all you need to be sun smart is a smart phone.

The new See UV app will help track the UV rating in your area. Source: 7 News

A new app uses augmented reality to show the UV in your local environment in real time.

And for the selfie-obsessed, the See UV app also has a filter that gives you a personalised look into your future if you don't protect your skin.

A filter can show you what you might look like after sun damage. Source: 7 News

"I'm convinced the selfie generation will get it," Professor Kon Mouzakis from Deakin University said.

"We're targeting young kids because that's where the damage occurs."

Heather Moore lost her husband Bernie to melanoma last year at just 47 years old.

"He was always saying to me, get your sunscreen on, get your hat on, whereas he wasn't doing it for himself," Heather said.

Heather Moore lost her husband to melanoma when he was just 47. Source: 7 News

Around 1500 people die from melanoma every year, but protecting yourself from the sun is a life-saver.

Anything over UV3 means you will get burnt in around 11 minutes, and it doesn't have to be sunny for the UV level to be high.

"It's not the temperature, it's not the cloud cover, it's the UV you need to worry about and the app will help you figure that out," Cancer Council's Heather Walker said.

It's part of a new campaign that will air from Sunday night.

"If you see a spot on somebody, say, 'oh, get that checked out,'" Heather Moore said.

"Don't be afraid to do that."

A new Cancer Council ad campaign airs from Sunday night. Source: 7 News