New summer cabana beach trend divides Aussies: 'Taking over'

There's a new trend popping up on beaches across the country as Aussies enjoy another steamy summer in the sun.

Beachgoers have taken to the idea of using beach cabanas to stay cool on the sand and stay protected in the sun. The pop-up tent-like structure is seen as a good way to stay out of the scorching heat and are being used in place of beach umbrellas.

But a woman on TikTok says "they're taking over", seemingly unimpressed by the latest trend — and it appears she's had enough.

Videos on TikTok show Queenland beaches covered in cabanas.
Beach cabanas are the new trend hitting Aussie beaches. Source: TikTok

Beach cabanas hitting Aussie beaches

A video shared by user @viralqueenliv shows a Gold Coast beach covered in colourful tents. The poster said they're "taking up prime real estate" implying that they're too big.

"Coolcabanas taking over Gold Coast beaches," text overlay said, referring to a popular beach cabana brand, and a few others agreed.

"They suck. My home beach looks like tent city. I wish they’d all go home," one person wrote in the comments.

"I'm over the whole cabana thing," another shared.

Others admitted their local beach are covered too, including those in Sydney, Perth and Noosa Heads.

"Come to Noosa for a nice beach and it's completely covered with this Coolcabanas," user Yom said. Meanwhile, commenting on the video shared by @viralqueenliv, someone said Newcastle is covered too.

"They are all over Perth too! I'd I think it’s cool everyone is conscious about the sun," wrote another.

"We used to think they were overkill, but then we got one this summer and it is a game changer," said a third.

Sun safety praised by dozens

In Australia, one person is diagnosed with melanoma every thirty minutes. It's the most common cancer for 20-39-year-olds, the Melanoma Institute of Australia's CEO Matthew Browne previously told Yahoo News.

Australia has the highest rates of melanoma in the world, according to the institute, and one person dies every six hours. But Mr Browne says it's "very simple" to avoid getting skin cancer and in most cases it's preventable "through the sun-safe methods of wearing a broad-rim hat, sunscreen, protective clothing, shade and sunglasses".

Dozens praised cabanas as being sun-safe with one agreeing "sun safety is in".

"I mean skin cancer isn’t a joke…" said a second. "What I see is people being Sun smart," another pointed out.

Some said they're a "great idea" and pointed out they don't take up any more room than usual.

"I don’t get it. People aren’t taking up any more space than they normally would. They just now have shade? " one said.

"They literally take up the room of two towels" added another.

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