Aussies lose it over nostalgic Streets ice cream sign: 'Memories unlocked'

A nostalgic ice cream sign has triggered a trip down memory lane for many Aussies after a photo was shared online on Wednesday.

The inviting sign features a selection of tasty canteen favourites from the Aussie Ice cream brand Streets, including Magnums, Paddle Pops and Calipos, prompting many to reminisce of the past.

"I found this school canteen price board the other day," the poster wrote on Facebook. "Brought back a lot of memories," he added. And it did for thousands more who shared their thoughts in the comments.

The sign offered great insight into prices at the time, with many guessing it was from the early nineties.

The old Streets price list was shared on Facebook and people couldn't believe how much has changed. Source: Facebook
The old Streets price list was shared on Facebook and people couldn't believe how much has changed. Source: Facebook

"Probably summer 93-94 or the one after. Magnums were $2 when introduced that summer, but the variety of flavours may make this the following one," they wrote.

Aussies gush over cheap ice cream prices

People couldn't believe how cheap the ice creams were at the time, compared to what we'd expect to pay today, some 30 years later.

One dollar in 1990 is equivalent to about $2.28 today, according to an online inflation calculator — that's an increase of $1.28 over 32 years. Some noted the same ice creams now are "half the size" and "more than double the price."

"Back in the day when you didn’t have to take out a mortgage to buy a Magnum," one person joked, taking aim at inflation.

"I bought a Gaytime the other day for the first time in a while and was totally shocked to have to pay $5.00!!" another said.

On the sign, Gaytimes were priced at $1.50 while Cornettos were just $1.70. Paddle Pops were just 80c and Calipos cost $1. One person noted the Paddle Pop "used to be the cheapie" but now it’s "just as expensive as a Magnum".

Another remembers "being allowed to choose anything under $1" as a kid admitting the always chose Choc Wedges for 80c.

"But what I really wanted was cornettos/drumsticks," they said. "It always felt special when I was allowed one of those because they were the fancy expensive ice cream!"

Little girl eating ice cream with sunglasses on.
The image made many reminisce about enjoying ice cream as a child. Source: Getty

Nostalgic sign 'unlocks' memories

Many shared their favourite ice creams at the time with Bubble O'Bills, Vienna Chocolates and the Pine Lime Splice taking out the top spot for many. But some reminisced about their own top picks that weren't shown on the sign.

"Do you remember sunnies (not sure of spelling) rocket shaped like a rocket tasted like choc paddle pop. I think they were 3d," one said.

"Anyone remember an ice block called wobbly guts? Jelly centre with ice block outside," asked another.

Others said this sign "unlocked" memories, while some said "take me back".

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