New McDonald's menu item sparks furious debate amongst Aussies

Macca's has reignited an age-old dispute over a popular Aussie snack.

A new McDonald's menu item is proving highly controversial, sparking fierce debate and fuelling interstate rivalry. From January 11, Aussies will be able to walk into their local Macca's and order "potato scallops with chicken salt", but even though customers agree the new menu item will be delicious, at least half the country is upset by the name.

The iconic deep fried dish is indeed known as a potato scallop in Queensland and New South Wales, but over in South Australia it's called a "potato fritter" while Victorians proudly call it a "potato cake".

McDonald's potato scallops with chicken salt
Thousands of Aussies are up in arms about these "potato scallops" from McDonald's. Source: Supplied

Snack debate rages on

"Better not call it a potato scallop in Vic. No one will know what they’re talking about," said one outraged Victorian on Facebook. "It's not a scallop! A scallop is a cut/carving that is not a straight cut, it's curved. Or something found in the ocean. These are called potato cakes," agreed another.

"Potato cake is chopped up potatoes forced together in a shape, like potato gems," came someone's rebuttal. "Potato Scallop is a battered SLICE of potato." Another user agreed, explaining that "scallop" references a culinary preparatioin technique, rather than the seafood: "They are potato scallops! Anyone that knows anything about basic cooking and the names of a specific cut knows that this is where 'scalloped potatoes' aka potato bake got its name, from the way the potatoes are sliced or scalloped."

The South Australian term "potato fritter" proved less divisive, with fried food lovers from across the globe agreeing that's what the dish is called. "In Scotland they are potato fritters" commented one Facebook user. "We call them potato fritters! Makes sense as they are coated in batter just like other fritters," agreed another user from New Zealand.

McDonald's confirms nationwide name

Debate aside, a spokesperson for McDonald's Australia has confirmed to Yahoo News that the new menu item will not be localised to home-state sensibilities, with the battered snacks set to be called "potato scallops" in each and every state and territory around the country.

McDonald's Aussie Angus burger
McDonald's new Aussie Angus features beetroot, bacon and tomato relish. Source: Supplied

More new items on Macca's menu

On top of the potato scallops, McDonald's is also debuting a new burger in the Angus range: the Aussie Angus Deluxe with bacon, beetroot and tomato relish, as well as the McSpicy Deluxe chicken burger and a Hokey Pokey flavoured shake. "We've got the latest spins on your burger favourites, topped off with the debut of Potato Scallops with Chicken Salt and Hokey Pokey Thickshake. Whatever your plans are, we've got you covered, because nothing quite goes together like the great Aussie summer and Macca's," said Tim Kenward, marketing director at McDonald's Australia.

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