New children's hospital in Brisbane

Angie Asimus, 7News

New children's hospital in Brisbane

Queensland's new $1.5 billion Children's Hospital is ready to be fitted with equipment and artwork.

"We will be at the cutting edge of design for Children's Hospitals," Dr Peter Steer, Chief Executive of the Children's Hospital and Health Service said.

"We haven't designed large waiting spaces within the hospital. We don't want to see patients and their families waiting," he said.

Instead the focus is on triage to be able to move patients into care quickly.

The new hospital is 50 per cent larger than the Royal Children's and Mater Children's combined.

"The footprint itself you can imagine as being the equivalent of the Gabba playing surface. So it's a big building," Dr Steer said.

There will be 359 beds with 800 kilometers of communications fibre connecting all 12 levels.

Each intensive care unit is big enough for a visitor to stay overnight and it's won the architects an international award.

"It's really based on this being a healing design." He added.

Specialists from the Royal and Mater will merge to work under one roof.

A plan that does have critics but supporters say it'll end fragmented care.

"This is going to make an enormous difference to the lives of Queensland children and their families," Health Minister, Lawrence Springborg told 7News.

Doors are expected to open late next year.