New bans for Aussie hunters heading to lion safaris overseas

The Environment Minister has announced a ban on the "barbaric practice of canned hunting".

Australia will ban hunters bringing back trophies from Lion safaris in a move to end the brutal practice of canned hunting - where lions are bred and released into cages to be shot by tourists, then divided up into trophies.

At a protest in Melbourne Federation Square on Friday, the Federal Government announced it will ban hunters from importing lion trophies.

"Around 150 to 170 breeding farms have more than 8,000 Lions," For The Love of Wildlife's Donalea Patman said.

"The reality of lions in Africa is that they are threatened and that captive breeding and canned hunting is a serious threat to wildlife populations."

According the Department of the Environment, between 2010 and 2013, 91 lion parts were bought to Australia - the equivalent of 29 whole lions.

Federal MP Jason Wood has championed efforts to ban the importation of Lion parts.

" longer are you allowed to bring your trophy back home," Wood said.

"It takes the incentive away and therefore should have a huge impact on canned hunting and what we'll be looking for is other countries taking Australia's lead."

This event was called to celebrate the Federal Government decision to strike a major blow against the industry.

"I have signed an order to prohibit the importation into Australia of African Lion parts and remains," the Environment Minister Greg Hunt said.

Friday's event included a live cross to Zimbabwe - the home of leading anti-canned hunting activist Ian Michler.

"I cannot thank you and the Australian Government and the Australian people enough for what you are doing," canned hunting activist Ian Michler said.

Under the new ban, individuals can be jailed for 10 years and fined $170,000 and companies $850,000.

For further information visit the For the Love of Wildlife website or the Environment Department's page.

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