'Never seen anything like it': Skin-crawling find in couple's roof

A Gold Coast couple have been horrified by a “nightmare” find in the roof of their home.

Reid Newell from Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast told The Courier-Mail he was called to a home in Currumbin last week where he “roughly counted” 57 snake skins in a 7x7 metre space in the roof.

He added he’s unsure how many snakes the skins have come from.

"It wasn’t just from the one species either, there was carpet python sheds in there, and also common tree snake sheds,” Mr Newell told the paper.

“I’ve never seen anything like it, I’ve been in quite a lot of roofs, and the most I’ve seen before that was maybe four or five, so this was a massive jump.”

In what could be considered an unfortunate circumstance, Mr Newell found the skins but no snakes.

He added they only just moved in and the previous owners kept chickens on the property, which probably attracted the snakes.

A pile of snake skins is pictured.
Well, I mean. It could be worse. He could have maybe counted 58 snake skins? Source: Facebook/ Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast

'Why I live in New Zealand'

Either way, people on Facebook weren’t exactly thrilled with the find.

“And that's why I live in New Zealand,” one woman wrote.

Another woman wrote “just another nightmare before bed” while tagging a friend in the post.

“One is too many,” one woman wrote.

However, one man suggested it’s not all bad news.

“They won’t have a possum or rodent problem so there is a positive,” he wrote.

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