Mum's 'surprise visitor' after spotting 'shoelace' among daughters' toys

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A mum in Sydney’s north has made a shocking find while trying to put her daughters to sleep.

Meg, who lives in Cammeray, told 2GB she was putting the girls to sleep on Friday night when she came across something she thought was a shoelace.

“But then it was a raised shoelace and I thought, ‘Oh, that’s a bit weird’,” she said.

A small snake seen on the floor of a child's bedroom.
A mum thought this little snake was a shoelace in her kids' room. Source: 2GB

The mum had been stepping over toys on the bedroom floor after flicking the light off.

Meg considered picking it up, but decided to turn the light on first.

She realised the shoelace was actually a snake. The mum remained calm though and managed to snap a photo of the reptile.

“It was definitely a surprise visitor on a Friday night,” she said.

The reptile is believed to be a golden-crowned snake, which is venomous, but not considered dangerous as they rarely bite.

The mum later released the snake, nicknamed “Mr Snakey” by her six-year-old daughter, outside.

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