'Never leaving my flat': Man shares 'mortifying' note from neighbour

A man says he’s “mortified” after waking up to a note from his neighbour asking him to be quieter at night because they heard his “intimate and private moments”.

Stephen Cunningham, from Glasgow in Scotland, shared the note from his neighbour on Twitter.

While it doesn’t spell out exactly what his neighbours have been hearing, Mr Cunningham believes they want him to “have sex quieter”.

“Dear neighbour, just a friendly note from your neighbour to remind you the walls in these buildings are thin and sound can travel,” the note reads.

“While we appreciate that it is inevitable that we will hear neighbours at times, we want to make you aware that we can hear more than we should.

“I’m sure you will agree that we all must be considerate and respectful of our neighbours, we don’t want to be sharing your intimate and private moments with you.

A note written from a neighbour to a man asking him to keep the noise down at night.
Stephen Cunningham's neighbours have offered a 'friendly reminder' that the walls are thin in the building and have asked him to keep it down at night. Source: Twitter/ Stephen Cunningham

“Therefore we politely ask if you could please keep the noise down at night. Please be mindful that you have neighbours in a building where sound travels.”

'Brilliant' note has people in hysterics

Mr Cunningham tweeted he was “mortified” when he found the note and said he has no clue which neighbour penned it.

“Never leaving my flat again,” he joked.

The 26-year-old told The Daily Record the note was slipped under his door early in the morning. He "immediately" showed his boyfriend who laughed at the awkward message.

People on Twitter were left in stitches over the note.

“This is the best thing I’ve seen,” one woman tweeted.

Others called the note “brilliant”.

“Post a pair of earplugs through their door and get on with your life,” one man tweeted.

However, others said the note left them frustrated.

“It’s really annoying when people write notes like this,” one woman tweeted.

“Because they said that it’s inevitable for them to hear their neighbours, so why even put energy into doing all of this? So annoying.”

But one man suggested the note would have taken “ages to write” and was done in a sensitive manner.

“I actually think that is incredibly tactful and will have taken them an age to write,” he tweeted.

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