‘Please don’t’: Man writes desperate note to avoid parking fine

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A man’s bold attempt to avoid a parking ticket has fallen on deaf ears.

Jay Bentham, a 26-year-old from Liverpool in England, tweeted a photo of a note he left for parking inspectors appealing to not give him a ticket because he was “skint”.

“Phone and pay app not working,” he wrote.

A note to avoid a parking ticket, reading: 'Phone and pay app not working... plz don't give me ticket I'm proper skint', is pictured on the left. Pictured right is a parking ticket wedged under a windscreen wiper on top of this note.
Jay Bentham tried to appeal to a parking inspector, but unfortunately it didn't work. Source: Twitter/ Jay Bentham

“Please don’t give me [a] ticket.”

But when he returned to his car he found the council had slapped him with a fine.

Mr Bentham told Metro he was running late for a meeting and didn’t have any change.

“To begin with I was a bit like this is typical of my luck to be honest… but then I saw the funny side of him just plastering it on top of the note,” he said.

'Heartless' parking inspector criticised

On Twitter, others shared their frustration and poor luck with parking inspectors.

“A traffic warden gave me a ticket so I moved my car to a new spot, saw the warden and asked if he could take the ticket back cause I’m broke... would you believe it... he said no,” one woman wrote.

Another man tweeted he felt Mr Bentham’s pain and shared a photo of his car with a note on the windshield, which read: “Broken down. Being taken Wednesday.”

Unfortunately, he too wasn’t spared the wrath of the parking inspector who left him a fine.

Another man called the parking inspector “heartless”, while one woman called them a “different level of not cool”.

A Melbourne TikTok user revealed his strategy for avoiding parking fines in February.

The man claims sticking an old ticket on his windshield deters parking inspectors from leaving him a new one.

However, his ploy wouldn’t work in parking bays which have electronic tickets or if an inspector checked the one he left on his windshield.

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