Why you should NEVER drive your car with less than a quarter tank of fuel

But starving your car of fuel could be pushing it to breaking point, eventually leading to more costs in damage and repairs.

According to the RACQ’s Head of Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding, you could save yourself hundreds by filling up your tank more regularly.

“There are dangers in two ways, one is that the sediment and rubbish that’s in the fuel tank can end up in the fuel filter and that in itself requires some servicing work,” Mr Spalding said.

Are you guilty of letting your fuel run low? Source: Getty Images, file

“But more of a risk is the fuel pump which can be very expensive.

“It could easily cost $500 to $1000 and if you run a fuel pump dry, there’s a fair chance that it won’t be recoverable and then you’ll end up in expensive repair and a tow.”

So when should you be topping up your tank? When your fuel drops to a quarter, Mr Spalding advises.

To help conserve fuel and stretch your mileage a little further, be sure to have your vehicle serviced regularly, inflate your tyres correctly, keep your load light and check your wheel alignment.