'Never again': Man drives through floodwaters as storms rage

There is a good reason authorities warn not to drive through floodwaters, as these Australians came frighteningly close to finding out.

As storms bring wild weather and prompt thousands of calls for help up and down the nation's east coast, video has been posted to YouTube showing a Toyota Hilux braving deep waters.

But while Hiluxes are known for their toughness, the driver may well have underestimated the situation.

Video reveals the passengers fraying nerves as water laps over the windshield; the water proved much deeper than expected.

After a few tense moments the waterline finally begins to drop against the windscreen and one of the men in the cabin can be heard saying: "We are never doing that again".

Driving through floodwaters is severely frowned upon by authorities, who regularly warn motorists to stay well clear.

While many cars are equipped with the hardware to handle water, it is often impossible to tell if sections of road have been ripped away beneath the surface, leaving large and potentially deadly hazards.

The strength of the current also brings risks of cars being washed away.

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