Neighbours' bitter feud flares up days after tragic death

Laurel Irving

The grieving family of a man who died after a fight with his neighbour said they’re being harassed again less than a week after the tragedy.

His widow is now too scared to be alone in her own home and wants something to be done.

Four days after 83-year-old Michael Di Berardino died, his 91-year-old neighbour, Eugenio Prenesti yelled at the dead man’s grandson.

“It’s devastating, we haven’t even buried my grandfather yet, we still haven’t got him back from the coroner’s, it’s shocking,” Michael Di Berardino told 7 News.

Eugenio Prenesti spat from his taxi when questioned about the feud. Source: 7 News
Their feud spanned nearly 50-years and not even a tragic death could bring it to an end. Source: 7 News

The two elderly men had fought for most of the 47-years they lived in Reservoir but after a fight on Monday, Mick Di Berardino collapsed and died.

Eugenio was questioned by police but released without charge and now his grieving neighbours say he’s already resumed the harassment.

Michael said just before he began filming, Mr Prenesti had threatened his family, even slamming his hand on a car window, with a friend inside.

Despite ongoing calls to police, he claimed little has been done to rectify the issue.

Michael Di Berardino told 7 News he wanted something done about the way his family was being treated. Source: 7 News

“I haven’t done anything wrong, he’s doing wrong. I just want people to see that. This is what my family has to put up with,” an increasingly frustrated Michael Di Berardino said.

Meanwhile Gemma Di Berardino said she is now “really scared” to live alone in the house where she’s been for nearly five decades.

“I can’t move, why move for him,” she added.

After the police and coroner have finished their investigations, the Di Berardino family will finally be able to bury Mick next Friday but even that will bring it’s own trauma.

Mick had no funeral plan or insurance and his family said it doesn’t know how they are going to pay for it.

Mr Prenesti refused to discuss the fresh accusations, telling 7 News to “Get out!” when questioned.

A dispute so long and bitter, not even a tragic death has brought it to an end.