NBN make embarrassing mistake in latest ad - but can you spot it?

The NBN has made no secret of their ongoing connection problems but it’s their latest attempt to connect with a younger demographic that has backfired spectacularly.

With gaming controllers in their hand, two kids can be seen grinning at the TV screen as part of an ad labelled “Game online in a whole new way” that also promises “fast internet for everyone”.

However, anyone who has ever played a PlayStation before can pick out one major flaw in the image.

Can you figure out what is wrong with this NBN ad? Source: Twitter / Scott Rhodie

Eagle-eyed Twitter user Scott Rhodie first noticed that the controller the girl is holding is actually from a console created more than 20 years ago – long before Sony entered the online gaming world.

At first glance, the iconic grey controller appears to be from the PlayStation 3, a console that came out in 2006.

A closer look reveals some amateur photoshop skills to remove the original cord. Source: Twitter / Scott Rhodie

But a closer inspection of the image actually reveals some amateur Photoshop work was also used to remove a cord from the controller.

The Photoshopping has also omitted the girl's torso.

People on the internet wasted no time unloading on the government owned corporation.