Mystery as student vanishes while out for night time jog

A 20-year-old student has vanished after leaving her home for a night time jog in the corn fields of Iowa.

Mollie Tibbetts, a student at the University of Iowa, was dog sitting in Brooklyn, Iowa when she went for a jog around 10pm on Wednesday.

Her boyfriend said that Ms Tibbetts sent a picture of herself over Snapchat on the night she disappeared.

Mollie Tibbetts went missing on Wednesday night and was last seen leaving for a jog around 10 pm. Source: Facebook/Finding Mollie Tibbetts Group

“She might have a FitBit on and she might have her cellphone, but obviously we’ve tried just calling her but it’s either off or dead so it would go straight to voicemail,” he told ABC News.

Ms Tibbetts was last seen wearing a black sports bra, gym shorts and running shoes. She was described as being 152 centimetres tall, 54 kilograms, with brown hair and brown eyes.

Her family said that they realised she was missing when she failed to show up at work the next day, according to local news outlet WOI-TV.

Ms Tibbetts is a 20-year-old student at the University of Iowa. Source: Facebook/Finding Mollie Tibbetts Group

Hundreds of volunteers searched surrounding farm land, corn fields and dirt roads on Friday and Saturday, while officials used a helicopter in the search.

A Facebook group dedicated to finding Ms Tibbetts has 10,266 members, as the community desperately searches for the missing woman.

Authorities have now called the search off and are investigating other leads, according to ABC News.