Mystery over near-naked TV star found dead in river

Police have announced the discovery of the body of a young woman believed to be Russian TV star Anastasia Kochervey weeks after she mysteriously vanished.

Kochervey, 28, disappeared earlier this month after failing to answer phone calls and messages, it's been reported.

The body was found in a river in St Petersburg, Russia on August 13. She was found wearing underwear and had a playing cards tattoo on her back, investigators announced on Wednesday according to Russian News publication RT.

Authorities say the body did not have any external signs of foul play, but an investigation is underway as police believe she could have been murdered, The Sun reports.

Russian TV star Anastasia Kochervey, 28, pictured in modelling shots. Source: Instagram
Russian TV star Anastasia Kochervey, 28, was found dead after mysteriously disappearing. Source: Instagram

Actress 'may have fallen into a bad crowd'

Ms Kochervey appeared on the popular reality TV show ‘Dom 2’, one of the longest-running reality shows in Russian TV history.

Olesya Malibu – a friend and co-star of the actress —said Ms Kochervey "had issues with substance and alcohol abuse" and had recently found herself in trouble.

An unidentified man in Moscow had reportedly threatened to kill her, Ms Malibu said.

It's believed she also worked in escort services and friends think she "may have fallen into a bad crowd that got her into trouble".

Ms Malibu reportedly contacted Ms Kochervey a few weeks ago after selling her apartment in Krasnodar and moving to St Petersburg.

She said her friend seemed "normal" at the time but said she "knew it would end this way".

Police have contacted Ms Kochervey’s mother who will travel to St. Petersburg from Krasnodar to identify the body.

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