Instagram model apologises over topless photo that divided a nation

The Finnish model who appeared topless in a photo while partying at Prime Minister Sanna Marin's residence has apologised for her "inappropriate behaviour" following widespread criticism of the country's leader.

Sabina Särkkä, 33, a social media influencer, was snapped kissing another woman as the pair posed bare-chested with a "Finland" sign from the prime minister's official residence in Helsinki during a private party Ms Marin threw in July.

Finland's 36-year-old PM apologised for the leaked photo on Wednesday and said it "should not have been taken".

The photo, taken in front of an official blue backdrop, was leaked alongside several videos which show Ms Marin partying with friends, celebrities and social media stars.

Model Sabina Särkkä (left) and pictured right in a cowboy hat and leather jacket kissing a woman topless in a leaked photo (left)
Model Sabina Särkkä was snapped topless (in the cowboy hat) kissing another woman at a party at the PMs's residence. Source: Instagram

The popular model who appeared in the picture donning a cowboy hat and leather jacket —which she wore open —has spoken out online saying she is "deeply sorry".

"I published on 10.7. an inappropriate picture that should not have been taken. I am deeply sorry and apologise for my behaviour," her post says which was written in Finnish.

Her words were shared in a single black tile on her page with her 93,000 followers but she had the comments turned off.

Her comments come just one day after Ms Marin confirmed the picture was taken from her residence.

Finnish PM Sanna Marin dancing with a model Sabina Särkkä (left) and addressing the media (right)
Finnish PM Sanna Marin dancing with model Sabina Särkkä (left) and addressing the media (right). Source: Twitter/Getty

"In my opinion, the picture is not appropriate. I apologise for it," Ms Marin told reporters at the time.

"That kind of a picture should not have been taken but otherwise, nothing extraordinary happened at the get-together."

PM defends private life: 'I'm human too'

Ms Marin, who became PM at the age of 34, has made no secret of her enjoyment of her leisure time, and on Wednesday gave an emotional speech in defence of her private life.

Ms Marin said the picture was taken during a private party after a music festival and she has no idea who leaked them.

It was originally a video that was shared on Ms Sarkka's TikTok account but was quickly deleted, according to reports.

Leaked footage of Finnish PM Sanna Marin partying with freinds
Leaked footage shows Ms Marin parting with her friends. Source: Twitter

Another video shows Ms Marin dancing provocatively with Ms Sarkka, who formerly competed for the country in the Miss World contest.

The footage has caused some political opponents to question her ability as leader. But Ms Marin told local media on Wednesday she has never missed a day of work nor "left a single task undone" because of her leisure time.

"I too am human. And I too sometimes long for joy, light and fun among these dark clouds," she said.

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