Mysterious box found floating off NT coast

A large steel container has been discovered floating off the Australian coast.

Video transcript

- To be honest--

- It is a big box.

- --big--

- Holy shiver me timbers.

- Like, a hard plastic, maybe.

- Man, if you ran into that at night--

- That'd be a decent hole.

- We might have to try and tow that in. You just can't leave that there. Whatever it is, it's a danger to navigation. So we have to report it to AMSA. That was, like, right on our track.

- Luckily, it wasn't nighttime. We would have smashed into that.

- Seriously.

- That's a big--

- That is the stuff of nightmares at night.

- Yeah.

- Holy dooley.

- [INAUDIBLE] is right, though. It doesn't seem to be--