Muslim births to outnumber Christians in 20 years: report

Babies born to Muslim parents will begin to outnumber Christian births in less than 20 years, a new global study has found.

The results, published by the Pew Research Centre in Washington, state births to Muslims between 2010-2015 made up an estimated 31 per cent of all babies born around the world.

This far exceeded the percentage of the world’s Muslim population in 2015 at 24.1 per cent.

The Muslim population is predicted to grow by 1.2 billion by 2055-2060. Source: Getty Images

The report also states that by 2060:

  • The Muslim population will grow by more than 1.2 billion.
  • The Buddhist population will decrease by 2.1 per cent.
  • Christians will make up 31.8 per cent of the world’s population.
  • The Jewish population will remains steady with an increase of 2.1 million.
  • Other religions outside major denominations will decrease by 290,000.

While the Christian population still represents the largest of any religious denomination at 31.2 per cent, the number of deaths outnumbers the births by four per cent.

The report explains the advanced age of Christians, particularly in Europe, has led to more deaths among the population.

It’s estimated by 2055-2060 that 70 per cent of babies will be born to either Christians or Muslims.