Mum's spirit lives on through touching messages left behind

The spirit of a devoted mother is living on through video so her little girl will never forget her.

Liz Joice chose the life of her unborn child and refused to have a full body MRI scan when she was told she had cancer because she would have had to terminate her baby.

Liz and her husband Max, from New York, took part in documentary 40 Weeks, while she was going through cancer when pregnant with Lily, who is now 16 months old.

Director Christopher Henze has now decided to use footage from the documentary to make a series of educational videos for Lily to have so she will know her mum’s voice.

He will combine the footage of Liz with clips from popular children's television shows so Lily can learn from her mum, reports Daily Mail.

Liz was told she had cancer at the beginning of her pregnancy and the documentary follows the couple’s journey as Liz battles rare disease sarcoma.

Liz and her daughter Lily just after she was born. Photo: Youtube
Liz and her daughter Lily just after she was born. Photo: Youtube

Not knowing if she would ever be able to get pregnant again Liz carried on with the pregnancy and gave birth to her daughter.

Straight after giving birth Liz was told she had tumours in her lung, abdomen and heart.

Lily was born via Caesarean section, on January 23, 2013.

Liz died on March 9 surrounded by her family.

Max, 35, said having a child 'was one of the most important things in the world' to his wife, reports the New York Post.

In the educational clips Liz can be seen announcing each week of her pregnancy and digital numbers appear on the iPad screen to help Lily count.

When Liz talks about her 'mango', a picture of the fruit pops up.

The video then counts from “13, 14, 15 . . .” all the way up to 30, as digits pop up on screen.

Mr Henze told Daily Mail that he uses Liz's image and voice to teach Lily about 'shapes and sounds and colours' in the videos which will no doubt get quite emotional for Lily as she gets older.

Liz first found out the cancer in 2010 but it tragically made a come back on her spine just a day after she began telling friends and family of her news.

Henze is still filming Max and Lily’s story — and the other 11 families who took part in the 40 Weeks documentary— for a follow-up called Year One.

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