Mum's rant at driver's 'lazy' shopping centre park divides social media

A mum has taken aim at a selfish car parker, claiming their senseless actions made it unnecessarily difficult to get her child back into the car after a shopping trip.

In a fiery post to Facebook on Tuesday, the mother slammed a driver who “decided to squeeze in between two parents spaces at the mall” in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

She said she was unable to get her baby into her car seat, and had to reverse out while leaving her child in its pram.

“I was on my own having to leave her in the pram while I moved the car out of the space,” she wrote in the post.

The woman said the small white car made it impossible to get her child into her silver Triton. Source: Facebook

The fact that traffic backed up behind her while she grappled with the situation only added the stressful experience.

“You caused a dangerous and stressful situation because you were too lazy to find an actual car space,” she said.

Her post received a mixed reception, with some people turning the blame back on the mother, who they accused of being the one in the wrong.

“If you actually look properly the Triton (the mother’s car) is in the wrong space, it should be over another foot or so to the left,” someone wrote in a comment.

Another person said the blame should fall on the mall, as some old lines had yet to be painted over.

The mother argued the car ignored the parent parking bay line, but others disagreed. Source: File/Getty Images

Some thought the mother was overreacting and argued she could have easily manoeuvred her baby into its seat through an alternative door.

“As much as they’re in the wrong, you could’ve put your baby in from the other side and put the pram in the back,” a Facebook user said.

Many also agreed with the parent, saying they too would have found the situation incredibly stressful.

“I would be furious as well. My baby is in a capsule and I’ve had to reverse my car with her in the pram for me to get her in. The person next to me parked so close I couldn’t even walk through. People don’t think of anyone else,” a mother said.

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