'Naughty teacher': Disabled boy's disturbing words after 'falling down stairs' at daycare

The mum of a disabled boy is demanding answers after he came home from daycare with extensive facial injuries.

Milly Tusa, of Auckland, told Radio New Zealand’s Checkpoint program her four-year-old son, Masua, came home from kindergarten on Wednesday last week with grazes all over his face.

Masua has cerebral palsy and needs a wheelchair.

When Ms Tusa went to pick her little boy up she claims a teacher told her she had locked Masua’s wheels at the top of a staircase but the boy had fallen.

She added the teacher told her she had called her four times.

Masua Tusa's mum is horrified by injuries he received at daycare. Source: Radio NZ/ Checkpoint

But Ms Tusa is skeptical and demanding answers. She’s also removed her boy from the kindergarten.

"They looked more like burns, it looked more like he was dragged then he was, as they say, he fell down the stairs,” she told Checkpoint.

"It was skin burns, raw burns on his face from the top of his eyelid down.”

Ms Tusa said she’s asked Masua about what happened and he’s referred to the teacher as being “naughty”.

She said he’s too scared to go back.

The Ministry of Education added it’s investigating after the kindergarten informed the department of a child being injured.

It added there was no direct complaint received from the family of the child and deemed the daycare safe.

Masua’s mum said she went to police with her complaint.

Police said an investigation is underway.

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