Mum’s horrifying doorstep find as 'neighbourhood grudge' boils over

The mum was left terrified and disgusted following the incident.

A mum opened her front doorstep only to discover a horrific sight in front of her. Maxi Mayhew, 31, had no choice but to contact the police after she discovered a huge pile of excrement piled on her front doorstep.

The beauty therapist, who is a mum-of-two, claims the stinking mess was disposed of by a neighbour with a grudge against her. She believes the nasty surprise is a pile of dog poo, not human excrement. But it is such a large amount that Maxi thinks the person has stored it up over time.

Left: Mum Maxi Mayhew standing outside a front door. Right: An image of a front door with a blurring effect over a pile of poo.
Mum Maxi Mayhew has been left wondering who would do such a thing. Source: Jam Press

Mum left wondering why someone would do something like this

The shocking incident, in Kent, England, has left felt the mum feeling “disgusted” and “terrified”.

“There really are some sick people out there,” Maxi said of the incident. “It’s not even funny, I’m terrified. It’s absolutely disgusting and what makes anyone do something like this?

“I assume it’s dog poo and it looks like whoever did this has been saving it up for ages just to put on my doorstep. I suffer from anxiety and this has just made things worse for me.”

Police forced to step in

Maxi contacted the police regarding the incident after discovering the sick mess.

“Kent Police was contacted on the morning of Friday 20 October 2023 and a report of criminal damage was made relating to a property in King Street, Ramsgate,” A spokesperson said.

“The criminal damage is reported to be part of harassment by someone known to the victim. Officers are in touch with the victim and enquiries to establish the circumstances surrounding the incident are ongoing.”

— Jam Press

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