Mum's haunting last TikTok hours before being found dead

Haunting footage has emerged of a mum partying with friends just hours before she was killed.

Melani Fernanda Trejo Garcia posted the TikTok of her dancing and having fun with friends before being found dead in the city of Huitzilac, Mexico, in the early hours of August 6, according to local media.

Her partially-naked body, with gunshot wounds to her face and stomach, was discovered next to the body of a man identified as Cristopher Mondragon, 27. It is unclear what relationship — if any — the pair had.

Melani reportedly went out partying with two of her best friends on the evening of August 5.

The trio sang and danced until late, with Melani posting footage of her night out to her TikTok account.

The mum with friends in her last tiktok.
The 27-year-old was found dead with gunshot wounds to her face and stomach shortly after posting the TikTok. Source: Newsflash/Australscope

Her ex-boyfriend, who has been named only as Ernesto, approximately 30-years-old, showed up at the venue not long after the clip was published, along with other acquaintances, according to local media.

He allegedly used it to track down the 27-year-old.

"A year ago, we began to know that she was dating this person, she was very excited, she spoke very well of him that he loved her very much and treated her well, she even told us that she wanted to go to live with him," an anonymous relative of Melani's told local newspaper Infobae.

"But much later we found out that he mistreated her, he hit her several times and because he had been carrying a gun, he pointed it at her. When she ended the relationship, he threatened her with death [...]."

Mum's body 'dumped from truck'

Neighbours reportedly heard shots around dawn on August 6. The body of the man was found first and the neighbours called the police.

Minutes later, Melani's body was reportedly dumped from a pickup truck at the location.

Ernesto had reportedly not been arrested at the time of writing. It is alleged that the truck from which Melani's body was dumped was Ernesto's vehicle.

"Now they don't want to give us a copy of the investigation findings so far either, we don't know what to do, the man accused was clearly identified, everyone knows who he is, but the authorities have not acted," the relative claimed to Infobae.

"He was even seen the next day acting as if nothing had happened and eating tamales, we want to know if the authorities are going to act or not, we do not want this to be one more femicide and for him to kill again."


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