Mum's eerie TikTok before dying suddenly on her 36th birthday

A mum who collapsed and died on her 36th birthday posted a TikTok just months earlier contemplating her own death.

Hayley Thompson was on a camping holiday in Devon, in the UK, last month when she fell ill and died inside her tent at Ladram Bay Holiday Park, the Manchester Evening News reports.

Not long after opening her presents, the mum told her partner, Adam Woodhall, she was unwell and collapsed on the bathroom floor, suffering three seizures.

The mum's TikTok about dying young.
Months before her death, the mum posted a TikTok about what she wants her family to do if she dies young. Source: Family handout/Manchester Evening News/GoFundMe

“Her spleen ruptured and caused internal bleeding. That’s what caused the seizure,” her sister Liah Thompson told the publication.

“My sister phoned me at 5am and I just broke down. I was hysterical when I first got that phone call; I was screaming and shouting because I just couldn’t believe it.”

Mum plagued by health problems

Ms Thompson, who leaves behind her 18-year-old daughter Kiana and three step children with her partner, began suffering from health problems in 2016, but her family says they had no idea how serious the situation was.

She began throwing up blood, and hospital visits revealed she had scarring on her liver, but doctors didn’t know what was causing it.

Her family says she was on the transplant list for a new liver, but after two potential matches failed, the mum decided to “enjoy her life to the max”.

“We all knew she was poorly and knew she needed a transplant but we didn’t think it was needed as soon as it was,” Liah told the Manchester Evening News.

Hayley Thompson before her death.
Hayley Thompson was on a camping holiday in Devon, UK, in August when she fell ill and died inside her tent. Source: Family handout/Manchester Evening News

“I think she downplayed it a lot; I think she wanted to live her life because she had been called for transplants before and was disappointed.

“She just wanted to enjoy herself and I think that’s what sits well with me, that she was happy.”

Mum's 'heartbreaking' TikTok before death

After her sister’s tragic death, Liah said she found a TikTok video Ms Thompson posted months earlier about what to do if she dies young.

“If I die young…know that I was happy,” the video says.

“Give my jewellery to my baby.

“Everyone is to wear yellow to the funeral, no socks or ties I want FULL yellow suits or dresses.

“I want a DJ at the after party. Anyone calls it a wake and you’re barred. I love family, never forget.

“Remind Kiana and Adam every day how special they made my existence.

“Wherever you see sunflowers I will be there.”

Liah said that while the “heartbreaking” video is part of a TikTok trend, her sister “was really thinking that”.

Ms Thompson’s family have created a fundraiser to bring her body back to Manchester.

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