Mum-to-be left to starve in hospital

Sarah Coates

FIRST ON 7: Nepean Hospital has been forced to apologise again; this time for starving a Sydney mother for more than a day while she waited for surgery.

Talissa McCulloch was fasting for a cesarean, but a paperwork error left her out of the queue.

"[I spent] 26 hours without eating... waiting in the hospital with my parents and my partner," Talissa said.

Talissa was told she needed a cesarean as her baby was in breach.

She fasted for surgery, and arrived at Nepean at six in the morning, expecting her operation within hours.

The day went by, and the night, but she didn't go into theatre until the next afternoon.

"Having me worked up all day, then [they] leave me in a room by myself overnight, then do it again the next day," Talissa said.

In a statement the hospital blamed an "administrative oversight".

"To have one of the doctors tell you that you should expect that when you go through the public system, that was the worst part about it," Talissa's mother Lisa McCulloch said.

Earlier this week, parents Paula and Scott Bailey went public with their Nepean nightmare, after Paula was forced to give birth in the hospital car park.

That's two horror stories in less than a week, and there will be more to come fears the Opposition, if budget cuts are forced on the region.

There have been almost $3 million in cuts this financial year alone.

"This is just dreadful care, you need an explanation to how this could happen and you also need a commitment to fix the problem," shadow health minister Andrew McDonald said.

And a commitment to take better care of first-time mums like Talissa, and little Ryleigh.

Five-day-old baby Ryleigh, who was delivered via cesarean after mother Talissa endured 26 hours without food. Photo: 7News