Mum stunned by difference between Coles and Woolies buys four years apart

The comparison by the woman confirmed many shoppers' suspicions about the recent steep rise in grocery prices.

A shopper noticed a whopping 50 per cent increase when comparing an almost identical 2019 grocery spend to one made this month.

The woman, who "thought it would be an interesting comparison", bought the same products in March, 2023 as she did in March, 2019, with the cost difference being "quite staggering".

"I have picked identical products where possible," she said on the Mums who Cook and Bake Facebook group.

A photo of a Woolworths grocery shop in 2019.
A shopper spotted a large price difference when recreating a grocery shop she made around March, 2019 with exact and similar items in March, 2023. Source: Facebook/Mums Who Cook & Bake

"Where not possible I replaced with very similar (type of apple for example). There are minor weight differences of some products. Some weigh less and some more. It’s very close to identical. I did not include any reduced items in the comparison."

It appears the mum's 2019 grocery shop was from Woolworths and another fruit and vegetable store, while her 2023 shop was from Coles.

Aussies find major difference 'absolutely astonishing'

The total of the 2019 shop came to $137.75, while four years later the new total was $210.29.

The price discrepancy of $72.54 was quite shocking for viewers of the post, validating what many have been experiencing as food prices surge in the last few years.

"That's insane!! A 50% increase," one person said.

A photo of receipts posted by the woman which equate to spending $137.75 on her Coles grocery shop in March 2019. A photo of her online order in March 2023 which equates to 210.29.
The 52.66 per cent price increase shocked many people. Source: Facebook/Mums Who Cook & Bake

"It’s crazy how much some of the prices have gone up," another said. "I did a shop yesterday and spent $185, but took a bit more time comparing brands so I got more for my money.

"I’m also being more aware of what’s in the pantry/fridge/freezer and trying to plan meals to reduce wastage."

"Pretty much confirms what we are seeing," a third person said. "My groceries have gone up by around 25- 30% easily. With interest rises on mortgages as well, I'm sure so many are really struggling."

Households paying thousands more in groceries

According to new research by Finder, the average Aussie household spent $185 on their weekly grocery spend in February 2023 – up $37 a week compared to last February.

That’s a massive $1,924 increase per household over 12 months – or $18.8 billion more nationwide.

Finder money expert Sarah Megginson said the cost-of-living crisis was putting a lot of pressure on food budgets.

“Households are facing some very tough times, and escalating grocery costs are an extra burden,” Megginson said.

“Aussies are having to change how and where they shop, just to keep food on the table.”

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