How mum of six helps feed hundreds of hungry children in her neighbourhood

A mum of six said she’s feeding hundreds of kids in her neighbourhood by keeping an open-door policy for hungry children.

Champale Anderson, of North St Louis in the US state of Missouri, has been feeding poverty-stricken kids from around the area for about five years, KTVI-TV reports.

Ms Anderson said she keeps an open-door policy on school days. Kids can knock on her door before and after school with a sign outside the home encouraging them to do so.

Champale Anderson prepares food bags for kids around the neighbourhood. Source: KTVI-TV

She places peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, juice, fruit, vegetables and other snacks into about 100 to 150 bags daily to feed them all.

Sometimes she will “switch it up” when it comes to what’s in the bag for a bit of . fun and variety.

But that’s just the beginning.

“My goal is to, I want to go to different neighbourhoods and give out bags,” Ms Anderson said.

Bravo, Champale.

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