Mum of three dies while delivering eulogy at family funeral

It is believed Sarah Healey, 39, suffered a cardiac arrest or arrhythmia at the funeral.

A woman has died while delivering a eulogy at a family funeral, with her parents, partner and children grief-stricken after witnessing her "sudden death".

Sarah Healey, 39, was commemorating the life of her father-in-law when she collapsed in front of funeral attendees, and is believed to have suffered a cardiac arrest or arrhythmia at the event in northwest London in November.

"Sarah suddenly fell to the ground during her eulogy... she had no history of any heart trouble," her mum Gladys Healey told The Leader. "We were all devastated by her sudden death."

Left, Sarah Healey who died while delivering a eulogy at her father-in-law's funeral smiles to camera. Right, she smiles while taking a selfie with the ocean behind her while wearing a sun hat.
Nurse Sarah Healey died while delivering a eulogy at her father-in-law's funeral. Source: The Leader & The Sun

"It was a terrible blow to our family. It was a blow to her partner, who had just lost his own father. It was a blow to the three young children left behind."

Sarah had three children aged 16, 7 and 6 and was a registered nurse who had previously worked in hospital emergency departments before specialising in oncology and treating cancer patients.

Local council host event in tribute of mum

Both Gladys and husband David are members of the Flintshire County Council, and an event was held in their daughter's honour after her death. A beacon was lit in tribute to Sarah and her mum addressed hundreds of attendees.

"It was a remarkable thing for a local council to do for one of its lost residents," Gladys said.

The family acknowledged that siblings' grief can often be forgotten about but Sarah's sister shared losing her has been "the hardest thing I have ever experienced."

"I spoke to her daily and we had an extremely close bond that only sisters will experience. Life will never be the same but I find planning things with friends, talking and crying when you need to with no shame has helped.

The family have thrown themselves into work commitments while prioritising family time to help one another navigate the challenging time.

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